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Vampire Diaries. Stranded

Written for the Vampire Diaires Mixing. 
Prompt junkyatbest rompt It was the night before XMAS /  There's a snowstorm Someone is stranded on the road.Bonus Points: mpires  / Horror /  Sweaty, very sweaty car sex.
Pairing : Damon/Elena
Rating : M 
Warnings : Dub Con
A/N : Pre Vamp Elena 


Elena sighed, you’d think on Christmas Eve of all nights her car would work, but no. Although, truth be told, it wasn’t as if she had anything to be doing. Jeremy was the only family she had left and he was half way across the country.

It seemed pretty fitting with her luck, that her car would break down today of all days, when there was one of the worst snowstorms the town had seen and she couldn’t get any reception on her cell.  She pulled her coat further around her and climbed out of the car, she could already see the headline, “girl found frozen to death in Mystic Falls”. The ironic part was that it would be the most normal headline they’d had around here in a while. Looking around the road she couldn’t see another car in sight. Elena sighed, she wished she had paid more attention to the Safety on the Road classes; she couldn’t remember whether she was meant to try and walk for help or stay by the car.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle behind her; she spun round peering into the trees. She’d like to think it was just an animal, but she this was Mystic Falls, probably best to stay in the car. Quickly, she climbed back in the car and reached for the keys to lock the door. They were gone! Frantically she started searching on the floor. Stay calm Elena, she told herself, they simply fell on the floor when you got out the car, keys don’t just walk away; they will be here.

Sliding down to look by the brakes, she tried to feel around for them. A sharp knock on the window caused her to snap back up

“Damon” she growled!

He was leaning on the car smirking, twirling her keys around his fingers. Most of her wanted to kill him, but a small part was relieved, if Damon was all she had to deal with tonight she could handle it. He also increased the chances she had of getting home before she froze to death.

“Car trouble Miss?”

“Stop being an ass Damon and give me the keys”

He grinned and tossed them into his pocket

“Seems like you had a problem before you even lost these, but if you want them so much come and get them”

It was times like this when she hated him, she was cold and tired and all she wanted to do was go home and sleep till the New Year.

“I’m not in a mood to play games Damon”

“What a shame because I am”

She sighed and climbed out of the car

“I’m being serious, give me the keys!”

She’d half reached out her hand for them, when he’d pinned her against the car door, pushing her hands down by her sides.

“I’ve come all the way out here to rescue you and I don’t even get a little gratitude”

Elena pushed against him to no avail.

“You shouldn’t be so ungrateful Elena. I might not even come next time”

“There won’t be a next time, and if you’re here to help you might want to get on with it instead of messing around”

she snapped at him

“Oh I’m not messing around, this would be messing around”

he said slowly pulling down the zipper of her coat.

“I see the way you look at me Elena, I can hear how you heart speeds up when I’m around “

Elena shuddered as the cold air hit her, she pushed against him but he still had her hands pinned down with one of his.

“Cut it out Damon”

“Why should I? Seems like you’re enjoying this just as much as I am”

His eyes fell to her breasts where her nipples were pressing through her jumper. He placed his hand under her top and slowly slid it up her body reaching up and under her bra and pinching gently pulled one lightly towards him.

Elena gasped; she could feel her body pressing into his touch, craving more of it.

Abruptly he dropped his hand away from her

“Or I could stop? He laughed. I’ll take you straight home if you want, I’ll never bother you again” he said daringly,

She pushed herself closer into him, willing him to touch her.

He leaned close and whispered into her ear

“It doesn’t work like that Elena you have to ask for it”

Elena could feel herself blushing, she wanted him, wanted his hands all over her.


She whispered softly

“Louder “

He said biting her earlobe


He pushed her roughly against the car


“Please Damon”

He fumbled for the back door handle opening it and pushing her down onto the back seat. He kissed her fiercely and Elena wrapped her arms around him, biting down on his lip. His hands went to her jeans undoing the button and zip in a flash and sliding them down.

“Snowmen” he whispered, “I like it seasonal touch ”

He grinned at her, pulling the waistband of her knickers down. Elena moaned, she could feel him slowly kissing her thighs, as he gently pushed her legs apart, licking along her clit.

“Fuck Damon”

she murmured,

He slid two fingers into her, grazing her clit lightly with his thumb.

“How much do you want me Elena?”

he asked teasingly.

He couldn’t just make it easy for her could he? She thought to herself. She was half dressed on the back seat of her car whimpering every time he touched her and still he wanted more. Still two could play his game. She looked up at him with a smirk that matched his own and wrapped her hand around his cock. Quickly and expertly she began sliding her hand back and forth along its length.

“I want you Damon; I want you to fuck me now”

Damon groaned in anticipation, pushing her hands off him he thrust himself into her. Elena whined as he entered her, she reached up and wrapped her hands around his back. He grabbed her hips slipping himself in and out of her, she pushed herself into him, clawing at his back, her legs tight around his waist. She wanted him inside her as far as he could go.

He ran his mouth softly across her neck, just enough for her to feel his teeth, she shook beneath his touch pushing her neck further towards him. He nipped along her neck teasingly as he continued pushing himself into her. Elena could feel herself shaking beneath him, his cock filling her, his teeth at her neck, his thumb still deftly massaging her clit. She bit her lip feeling her orgasm starting to build. She tightened her legs around his back shaking as he quickened his pace.

He bit down on her neck just as she came. She felt a multitude of sensations washing over, he leaned in and kissed her mouth and she tasted blood.

“Merry Christmas Elena”

He lay down on the seat next to her and pulled her closer to him.

“Merry Christmas”

she said nuzzling into his chest

“And, if you could arrive punctually next time, I nearly froze to death waiting for you”

High, Voltage

This Scar Is a Fleck on My Porcelain Skin

Written for thedarkfest prompt  :When we get out of this, I may have to steal you."
Warning :Erotic asphyxiation
Raitng NC-17
Fandom :Red Eye

This Scar is a Fleck on My Porcelain Skin

When we get out of this I might have to steal you. She wondered if he’d always thought that they would get out of it, or whether it was just a line to reassure to terrify either way. She was sure that if he’d thought anyone would be getting out of ok, it would be him. Life could be funny like that.


There are people who come into your life and leave marks, scars occasionally. Its proof, proof that it happened that your life was changed in some way. Lisa had once thought that the biggest scars where ones you could see. She’d had one after her rape it was there tangible a reminder of what had happened and that she had survived.


After Jackson there was no scars none that you could see. She had bruises of course, there were ones around her neck that lasted for weeks but they faded in the end. But there was nothing permanent nothing she could feel. Nothing she could show to people and say this is why I am the way I am. I meet a beautiful man at an airport one who tried to do unspeakable things and he left me irrevocably damaged this is what he left behind. There is no evidence and there is no reminder other than her memory.


Sometimes she dreams of him. It’s hazy a whirl of sounds and colours, she always thought she would remember it clear as day. But it fades the voice changes and his outline is fuzzy, its him thought she can feel it. The dreams are varied they have been a million places together, she’s married him, killed him, fucked him. They always end the same thought she wakes up drenched in sweat her hand between her legs.


It’s hard to get back in to normal life. She can’t fly point blank refuses to get on a plane ever again but she goes to the airport. She sits in the bars ordering sea breezes, she couldn’t stand the taste at first but now she relishes it. It’s a control thing she tells people he won’t take her favourite drink away and they’re impressed, admire the way she won’t let him affect her. They wouldn’t be impressed they knew the actual reason the drink was a link they shared and she wasn’t about to let it go.


She held onto the little things links they have that she could remember. People told her that it wouldn’t always be so difficult, wouldn’t be so easy to remember. But there are worse things than remembering there is forgetting.


Lisa had nearly forgotten once. Someone had once told her new trauma could refresh old memories. She went out to the worst bars she could find; ones that nice girls like her shouldn’t be at. She would take back any man who looked in her direction. It wasn’t hard to get them to hers, pouring herself across them, whispering in their ears. Using whatever first name took her fancy but always keeping the same surname ,Rippner. If they didn’t ask for one which they often didn’t, she would offer it, they didn’t care it didn’t much matter to them but it mattered to her.


 Sometimes they touched her scar asked questions others merely ignored it kissing her hard instead. She showed them what to do, how to wrap their hands around her neck the way she liked. If they pressed hard enough on just the right spot, he would appear. It wasn’t like in the dreams it was clear as day. He was right on top of her smirking. The less she could breath the clearer it was, his voice his smell it was the only way to get them all there.


They wouldn’t all do it till she passed out sometimes they stopped just before, and she came back to reality gasping for air. Once Jackson was gone so was the thrill and they had to go as soon as they’d finished. As soon as whoever she’d found had gone Lisa would go to the mirror and examine her neck waiting for the bruises. They were tangible and for the few seconds she was getting them so was he.


She’d gotten out, she’d survived he hadn’t. Somehow he’d still managed to steal her to slip his way into her life and change it. She was off chasing a dream a man that would have killed her if he’d needed to. Why her father would ask her sadly eyeing her bruises she would shrug and look at the floor talk about the hotel and the weather. He wouldn’t understand it made her feel alive it was the only thing that did.


High, Voltage

In Our Bedroom After the War

Written for thedark_fest, prompt : Harry Potter, grown up Harry/Ginny, possibly Harry/others, The not-so-happy reality of marrying your childhood sweetheart

In Our Bedroom After The War

What the history books never mention is the aftermath of war, Harry thought. Sure they’re the odd chapter on how the town or country rebuilt itself but not much on what comes next. A touching memorial every few years to the forgotten. What about the ones that survived everyone expected them to just go back to whatever they were doing before the war started and normal life fell apart.

He doesn’t feel like the boy who lived anymore he’s more the man who survived. He has a wife he barely speaks to, friends he either fucks or fucks over. A job he hates, you cannot go from killing one of the most power wizards of all time to being head of a department.


He doesn’t know when it all started to go wrong. It was exciting once him and Ginny , when they were young and hiding it from Ron and everyone. When they were just starting to fall in love and everything was so fragile it was kind of beautiful. When he was running and Ginny was waiting. There was a time they loved it each other so much it hurt. After the war there are a few perfect years. He’s a hero and they are all national treasure. Him and Ginny marry in a lavish ceremony and it’s the wizading event of the year.


On his wedding night he feels like the luckiest man alive. It’s perfect and they promise to love each other forever. They have almost died for each other more than enough times how could anyone love each other more. It could never last though, broken children grow up to be broken adults and all the weddings and awards for bravery cannot take away from that. Fairy tales aren’t real though and there is a reason stories end when they do. Happy ending rarely stick around. She gets dull and old and reminds him to much of Mrs Weasley .Somewhere along the way, around children and work and sex that was unsatisfactory at best, he’d woken up and she was unrecognisable. He didn’t know who this women was next to him but she wasn’t the girl he’d was in love with. That why you were never meant to marry your childhoods love because they grow up.


He fucks around of course, even after all these years there still is a certain appeal of being the chosen one, war groupies he likes to think of them as. It’s not like Ginny’s innocent in this whole equation, he hears her at night when she thinks he’s asleep. Moaning like she never did for him, frantically touching herself and murmuring Tom over and over. That’s worse than anything Harry  does he thinks at least he has real life affairs with living breathing women, while his wife gets herself off on a ghost.


It comforting to know he’s not the only one who does it though. He knows what goes on between Ron and Lavender he’s seen them together often enough. Lavender still looks at Ron they way she did when they were sixteen Harry can’t begrudge his best friend that. Hermione knows of course she wasn’t considered the smartest witch for nothing.  He doesn’t know what came first Ron sleeping with Lavender or his sleeping with Hermione, probably both around the same time. When nearly everyone he knew realised that this was it and life just wasn’t going to get better.


Hermione’s better than Ginny he thinks, well maybe not better just more enthusiastic. Hermione fucks like she’s dying, it’s violent and if he could last that long she’d want him to fuck her till she bleed he’s pretty sure. He compared it to the last time he screwed Ginny which was hard to remember since it had been a while. She’d just laid still and silently stared at the ceiling. He had to think of Parvati and Padma at the same time just to stay hard.


They talk sometimes while they lay on her and Ron’s bed. It’s good knowing that she feels exactly like he does


“We’ll be famous once we’re dead”.


She tells him once smiling at the idea.


“We’re already famous”.


It’s a pretty obvious fact he thinks. There is no doubt they are something of celebrities in the wizarding world.


She rolls her eyes at him.


“More than this, we won’t be people we will be legends, it will all mean something then”.


It’s not enough Harry thinks. It doesn’t matter that they will be heroes that people will tell stories about them for generations, because they have to live in the now. The history books won’t know how messed up they are, how the fearless generation that fought of Voldermort are barely surviving.  No one tells you once there is a war there is no going back.


“Ah the bigger picture and no one will ever get to know that your husband hasn’t made you cum in years and if it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t turn you on” 


 “Something like that, no one will ever have to know who we really are”


She smiles and he wondered if she’d gone mad . It wouldn’t exactly be shocking Dean Thomas and Hannah Abbot had both gone to Saint Mungo’s in the past few years.


 “Do you think it would be different if it would have been you and me?” 


He’d asked  wondering if anything could have changed the way there were now.


“Of course not”.




“Because you’d hate me as much as you hate your wife”.


He considered lying to her claiming this was just a phase that he didn’t hate Ginny at all they had just grown apart but of course he did love her deep down. But he didn’t there was no point pretending, Hermione was one of his oldest friends if they could still call each other friends. Instead he just stayed silent and climbed on top of her pushing her legs apart.


“Chat over?”


She’d asked smirking


She knew exactly how to provoke him he thought, always had. He put a hand over her mouth and thrust himself into her roughly. He could feel her tighten around him and arch herself into him. When they fucked they were meant to hurt each other. She would bite at his hand and scratch at him; he guessed all of that violence they’d grown inside them had to go somewhere.

He took his hand away and kissed her hard, she bit down on his lip until he could taste the blood. If the daily prophet could see them now he thought laughing to himself. Those brave fearless wizards and witches who fought and the dark lord now trying to tear each other apart.


He doesn’t hang around after he finishes, Hermione’s not into cuddling and he’s grateful for that.


“Same time next week”


She said admiring the bruises that were starting to form across her body.


 Harry nodded


“Give Draco my regards”


He said as he apparated out, he was impressed to see she didn’t even blush at the mention of his name. Harry knew he wasn’t the only guy she had and he wasn’t even surprised to find out her and Draco had weekly sessions pretty similar to theirs. It made sense in a way childhood enemy turned fuck buddy although buddy probably wasn’t the right word. Everyone was trying to find links back to when they younger he realised anything to distract them from the meaninglessness that they were living.


It should really be easy he thought. Once the war was over they didn’t have to fight again and could be safe, it was meant to just get better. It was boring though; you cannot go from fighting all the time being on the run to married life, life in the office. The world was perfectly happy to go back to normal but Harry couldn’t everything just seemed so empty. You can’t go from having a goal having a purpose to nothing. Harry felt stuck in a war that had ended years before. 


His favourite fuck as much as he enjoyed Hermione had to be Cho. She didn’t cry any more thank god. He’d had someone cry during sex before a random little witch overcome at how grateful she as to him for saving the wizarding world. Tears were not a turn on and there had not been a repeat performance with that one. 

Cho was cynical long before he and any other the others were, the girl he’d asked to the Yule ball was long gone. He wondered if she still missed Cedric they never talked about him, it was an unspoken rule. 


It wasn’t aggressive like him and Hermione or filled with adoration like him and most of the war groupies he’d been with. It was easy they both needed the other one; it was soft and almost but not quite gentle. In a way in reminded him of how he’d been with Ginny right at the very beginning.


“I could make you happy, you know”


She said to him once. He’d expected the invevitable if you left your wife for me etcetera  speech to follow.


“If what?”


“If you could still remember how”


 Harry looked down at her. It was to understand how it had all happened how all these children that had started off so bright with so much promise could end up so damaged.


“Its fine it’s not like I remember either”


She said not even sounding sad about it. Harry considered putting his arm around her as she rolled to her side on the bed, but he didn’t. He turned to face the other way and tried to dream of a place when they were still young and had the world before them.



High, Voltage

We are all sinners here

Tittle : We are all sinners here
Author: rain_sunsets
Rating/Genre: PG 
Summary: Its just so easy to be bad
Word count: 1020
Notes: Written for challenge #24 at [info]heroes_contest


Flying higher than the sun

Nathan knew he could do great things. Everyone had always told him this; he was the one with ambition. Peter had his head in the clouds but Nathan could go above the clouds, he could touch the sun if he wanted to. It was clear he would get elected, he had never doubted himself. He left that to others; Peter wondering if he was good enough to help others, his mother for all her power second guessing her visions. What they didn’t understand was that no one could stop him; he was stronger than they could ever be. Even before his powers Nathan had been special better than the others, this power just made him more so.


 He pushed off the ledge and soared into the clouds, racing past the birds as he went higher and higher. He liked to survey the world from the air, imagining it was all his, maybe some day it would be. All Nathan knew was that no one could bring him down.


Sloth- Adam

 Watching the world burn

He was good once, ready to save the world, change the world, but eternity was a very long time and Adam tired of playing hero; in time he even grew bored of playing villain. He watched cities crumble and whole civilizations fall knowing he could save them, choosing not to. Adam wondered how many people had begged for his help over the centuries, it was so easy to stop caring. Claire still looked at him like he was a monster that would change in time, you cannot be a hero forever you cannot be much of anything.


Adam knew he would be around when the world ended, when people finally managed to tear each other apart for good. He knew he would watch and not do a thing to stop it.



When everything goes black

All she could feel was pain, pain and anger. It was so much easier to let the anger take over; let it run through her veins. How could she feel anything else? Niki had all the other emotions; it was all she was left with. Jessica knew where she came from. Rage made her, nourished her, why shouldn’t she embrace it? It was better than being empty.


There’s calm for a minute when she takes over. Feeling Niki leave for a while it’s peaceful in her head; quiet. Then she opens her eyes and Linderman’s thugs are standing around her smirking. If only they knew better. The darkness takes over and there’s blood and screaming and someone laughing and Jessica realises it’s her. Niki thinks Jessica is the darkness and she’s wrong. It’s just inside her, building up like a hurricane; the only difference between them is that she’s stopped fighting it.


Greed – Peter

This endless need

It wasn’t selfish to want more powers, Peter told himself. He could do good with it; he was doing good with it. No one got hurt when he took their power, it wasn’t like Sylar. He didn’t know how many to take though, at first it was accidently any special he came in contact with. Then he became more calculated, finding specific people getting the powers he wanted. He only wanted them to help people though it couldn’t be bad. Once he had enough to defeat Sylar he would stop simple. But it wasn’t, he liked having the powers and wanted more.


Peter tried to control himself, staying away from specials but there was the craving. An eternal longing that wouldn’t go away. He wasn’t sure how many powers it would take for it to go away but he needed to find out. After all it wasn’t like he was hurting anyone.



An empty girl

Good company agents weren’t meant to have emotions, you couldn’t let feelings get in the way. The problem was Elle felt everything, nothing could satisfy her need. She didn’t want it, she needed it. Elle had lost count of the men by now; it was the feeling that she remembered. Those precious minutes when she was alive again, when everything might just be okay. It wasn’t enough though she couldn’t feel satisfied. She was a broken girl as her father kept telling her so should anyone be able to fix her.


All Elle wanted was for someone to want her, someone to love her. Why was that to much to ask? It was exciting; the feel of rough hands running along her thighs pulling her legs apart, in those few minutes Elle could convince herself they needed her as much as she needed them. Elle often wished she had Claire’s power instead of hers because then at least her heart would stop breaking.    


Gluttony – Sylar

Of wanting and taking

Want, take, it was pretty easy to follow. Sylar had seen people do it all his life he’d never been able to until Brian Davis. Now it was as common to him as breathing. He took powers because he wanted them, because he could, because he was bored. He was making up for a lifetime of not having by having everything.


It amused him to watch others try and control themselves not give in, not be weak. Sylar knew it wasn’t weak though he was strong, stronger than all of them. He wanted the world and he would have it.   


Envy- Claire

The greener grass

A normal life wasn’t much to want thought Claire. It was simple most people had them so why couldn’t she. Special, she was sick of being special nothing good came of it. She tried to help people but she only lost people along the way Zack, West everyone. Claire hated the girls her age, wanted their life’s their perfect families their petty little problems. She wanted to be them so much it hurt. People said she was lucky, what could they know. Lucky to never age, never feel, never have a life.


So she would show them all, show the world what she could do. Then maybe some one would be jealous of her for a change.   

High, Voltage

The Human Condition

Tittle: The human Condition
Pairing : Elle/Adam Elle/HRG Elle/Peter Elle/Claire Elle/Sylar
Raiting : NC-17
A/N : Written for the Sylar/ Elle fic fest for the prompt “Don't attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you're lonely. Loneliness is the human condition. No one is ever going to fill that space.” - White Oleander


He was the first one, who noticed her. Elle remembered him pretty much ignoring her till she was about seventeen and then he started to pay attention. She played on it of course listening to his stories with rapt attention, pressing herself against him. Eventually he started to talk less and touch her more and before long all talking was forgotten as he thrust himself into her.

Elle craved his touch, couldn’t get enough of it. Adam however was never one for cuddling as soon as he got what he wanted Elle was shuffled out of the room. He mention once that he did this with girls like her because he wouldn’t fall in love with them. Sometimes when he was gentle which was rare, he moaned Yaeko instead of Elle, but she choose to ignore it he was with her and that should count for something. Adam picked her because she couldn’t break his heart yet he never even considered that he could break hers.


The perfect family man, the father Elle always wanted. She saw how he was with Claire and wanted him to be like that with her. Occasionally he was, the odd hug  the kind smile. They faded of course as she got older and bore less resemblance to his Claire.

Elle knew she could get a different kind of attention from him; it was the only kind she’d ever experienced. She didn’t particularly enjoy their fucks in the back of company vans but it took away the loneliness. When he was with her just for a minute Elle could be assured she was all he was thinking about, and that was good enough.


Elle had never been the dominant one Adam, HRG, and various security guards  all knew what they wanted and exactly how to take it. Peter was different Elle liked the control it gave her. Peter asked about her life and seemed to care he might be just as lonely as she was. It gave her hope if Peter needed her like she needed him he wouldn’t leave her.

Elle didn’t cry when he escaped her daddy wouldn’t have been pleased. She vowed it would be different next time, next time she’d hurt them more than they could hurt her.




This time she was in control perfectly detached. Pretending to want someone might be better than actually wanting them, all the fun with none of the pain. Mohinder said the right name when he came and didn’t rush back home to his wife’s cooking.

It didn’t work though, the more they fucked the lonelier she became. Mohinder had a life outside her, he had Matt and Molly and his research and she was still alone ,it culminated in her seeing him kiss Maya in a way he’d never kissed her. At least this time she got to be the one that left although it was a hollow victory. He didn’t break her heart though Elle wasn’t sure she had one left.


The blonde seemed all sugar and spice though she couldn’t hurt anyone least of all Elle. Elle was still reluctant, everybody left so why bothered. But she needed someone and the handholding was nice, she’d never done that before.

Claire picked Peter in the end; Elle wasn’t even surprised Claire was her father’s daughter after all.


Elle managed to find someone as messed up as her. They weren’t together out of love or anything close just a desire to fill the emptiness. It worked Elle wasn’t lonely with him around; he might be the answer she was looking for.

They weren’t two halves a whole, they didn’t complete each other. If anything they dragged each other further down into the darkness. Elle didn’t care though mutually assured destruction was better than self destruction.

High, Voltage

The best kept secrets

Title : The best kept secrets
Pairing : Veronica/Weevil
Raiting : NC-17
Written for dionneshea 

Weevil had always known her, but she was just Lilly friend the quite girl with the long blonde hair who blushed whoever he would look in their directions. Then she was the girl who fell from grace as one by one her friends turned against her, he still looked over at her but she didn’t blush anymore she looked back and matched his stare.


Somehow along the way he’d come up against her and she intrigued him, defending the new kid for some unknown reason she was also one of the few people who wasn’t scared of PChers. Veronica wasn’t like other girls he knew she didn’t flirt and bat her eye lashes she was real and he could connect with her. So maybe Lilly had drawn them together, and then Wallace had given them a sort of friendship but it was all Veronica that he had fallen for.


She could remember Weevil from her days as an 09er, he would come up to her and Lilly flirt and wink at them, it was almost from another lifetime. Once Lilly was gone he didn’t approach her anymore but then no one did, he still stared though she didn’t break his gaze staring back daring him to look away first. The new Veronica wouldn’t take anything from anyone. She’d stood up to him for the first time with Wallace and it had been fun from then on it was a constant game of outwitting each other,  bickering and favours they always ended up just being even.


Somewhere the friendship turned into something more the innuendos increased and Veronica even found herself making them. Her dreams where no longer filled with images of Duncan but with Weevil, he soon turned into all she thought about.  Their first kiss had been weeks in the making, until the steady teasing was to much for each of them. They were coming back from Logan’s Christmas party; Weevil had offered her a ride on his bike since her dad had gone with Aaron to the hospital. He’d walked her to her door and she kissed him, and he’d kissed back it had been perfect.



So here they were a month later sneaking around all over town, trying to keep it a secret from her dad, his friends and well, all of Neptune.


“Hey V”


He said sauntering over to her locker


“Let me guess, you need a favour”


She said smiling


“Something like that”


Weevil had never met anyone like Veronica before. The last month with her had been one of the best he’d ever had. He leant over as if looking inside her locker and whispered in her ear


“Bathroom or broom closet?”


“You sure know how to treat a girl”


“Just say the word chica and you can have a room at the Ritz”


“And they said romance was dead”


“I think we can prove it is very much alive”


“Not in public”

She said laughing and pushing him away from her locker.


“Where then V?”


“Cupboard ten minutes”


Weevil winked at her and walked away


“You’re looking surprisingly happy this morning”


Wallace said coming up behind her


“There’s nothing like double algebra to put a smile on my face”


“Oh of course”.




Weevil looked round to make sure no one else was in the corridor and slipped open the door.


“You’re late”


Veronica said grinning


“Better late than never chica”.


He wrapped his arms around her and pushed her against the wall, kissing along her neck gently.  Veronica pushed herself into him, and slid her arms around his waist.


Suddenly the door sprung open, showing Logan, Dick and Beaver staring in at them. 


“Well if it isn’t the girl from the wrong side of the tracks with the boy from the worst side of the tracks”


Logan said smirking


“I’m sure your parents will be so pleased”


Dick added


“Is it wrong that I can’t work out which one has traded up?”


 Beaver asked


“That’s it!”


Weevil growled and moved menacingly towards them.


Veronica placed her hand on his arm and drew him back to her.


“Just let it go Weevil they’re not worth it”


“Better listen to your girlfriend there”


Logan said as they walked away laughing.


“So I guess our secret isn’t so secret anymore”


Veronica said turning to him


“I can deal with that if you can chica”


“Do you really think I care what anyone at this school thinks of me?”


She asked tilting her chin towards him


“I know you don’t V”


“Then why?”


She asked shutting the door


“Have we not resumed kissing?”


Eventually they snuck out of the closet holding hands ready to face the school.




“So we ready for this?”


Veronica asked


“As ready as I’ll ever be”


Weevil said looking vaguely nauseous


“Come on he’s met you before, it’s not that bad”

“Yeah when he was arresting me”

“That’s all in the past now”


“You owe me big time for this Chica”


“And I’ll be happy to deliver”


Veronica said giving him a light kiss


“Now come on”


She opened the door


“Hi Dad I’m home”


“Veronica; Eli”


Keith said giving him a curt nod.


Weevil squeezed her hand; he could get through this he told himself, hopefully he didn’t still have the sheriff’s department on speed dial.



“So that went well”


Veronica said standing outside


“What are you basing that on, the fact he didn’t threaten to shoot me?”


“It was fine; trust me!”


She leant forward but Weevil pulled back abruptly


“He’s probably watching from the window”


He hissed


“So I don’t even get a kiss?”


Veronica pouted


Weevil leant down and kissed the top of her forehead


“That’s all for now chica”


He said walking off.


Veronica watched him go then, taking a deep breath went inside.


“Well dad, what do you think?” 


Despite what she had said to Weevil she had no idea how it had gone.


“I like him”




“He cares about you Veronica and so do I”


Keith smiled despite his past he didn’t mind Eli being with Veronica, he definitely seemed to like her, and the fact that he was willing to meet him was proof of that alone.


“Just remind him I have a shotgun I’m not afraid to use if he hurts you in away”


“Will do”




“Are you sure this is okay?”


“Where’s your sense of adventure Weevil?”


“Oh I’m plenty adventurous chica, but your dad will murder me if he finds out”


“He’s chasing a bail jumper in Vegas he’ll be gone all weekend”


Weevil still looked around suspiciously before following her into the bedroom


Veronica pulled him over to the bed and started kissing him.


“Steady on V”


“What’s the problem Vato?”


Veronica said flashing a grin.


“Sorry am I messing up your schedule here chica”


He pinned her to the bed and started kissing down her chest slowly. Veronica moaned slightly as she felt him working his way down her body.


She was beautiful Weevil thought; it had taken his a long time to see her, really see her but once he had he never looked away.


Veronica started unbuckling his jeans; she could feel his hardness through them. There was so much more to Weevil than she ever considered, she looked up into his brown eyes, there was a side he hide from people that she was only just discovering. She ran her hands along his boxers, enjoying hearing his breathing quickening.


 Weevil pressed himself into her, and could feel her wriggling slightly under him; he pulled her shirt over her arms slipping it over her and tossed it on the floor.


Veronica kissed along his neck moving down slowly, she stroked his chest. She slowly started to undo her jeans but Weevil placed his hand over hers.


“Lets take thing slow V”


She had told him about Shelly’s party about what had happened and Weevil had wanted to kill them all slowly and as painfully as he could mange. He also wanted to get rid of those memories for her but it would take time. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him.


Veronica leant her head against his chest placing kiss on it. She knew she needed time maybe they both did, but for now they where together and that’s all that matter. She wasn’t quite sure what she felt for him, maybe it was love she would just have to wait and see.


Weevil kissed the top of her head as she closed her eyes. Neither one had really had a world to fit into, yet they managed to fit together. Veronica was the ultimate outsider and after all the lies and deceit Weevil couldn’t blame her for wanting to keep away from it all. He had the bike gang but at the same time he didn’t, sometimes he seemed like the only person who wanted more. There was a world beyond Neptune and maybe one day they could conquer it.



High, Voltage


Title: Fragments
Rating: PG
Summary: They all have fragments of her, their own personal Elle.
Prompt: For sylelle_100. "I always thought that if none of your family or friends knew you were dead, then it's like not really being dead. People can invent the best and the worst for you."

They all have fragments of her. The parts they remember above all others and over time it’s all they have left of her.

Claire imagines her wild and free in a way she could never be.

Peters thinks of the girl he couldn’t save; he managed the world but not her.

Noah‘s heartbreaks for the little electric girl who always cried.

The Haitian has thousands of memories but her pain is among the brightest.

Mohinder sees the unstableness the killer behind the smile.

Sylar feels her, the electricity burns under his skin a constant reminder of what could have been.

High, Voltage

Sylar Elle six word drabbles

Six word drabbles for shadybrightside's Elle Sylar drabbles.

Her sparks hide all his darkness.

She has always been beyond control.

Their nights are filled with sparks.

During eclipse beach scene;

She doesn't scream he doesn't cry.

She leaves a life never meant.

Post eclipse

He dreams of life with her.

If he could take it back.

She will always be with him.

High, Voltage

Winner takes all

Three times Amber beat  Thirteen and one time they both lost.


Amber didn’t understand how it could have happened. She’d been so on top of things. She’d bought all the oranges squares, had hotels on nearly all of her properties but she was still losing to Remy, it didn’t make sense monopoly was Amber’s game.


She rolled the dice again and moved on to Marvin gardens.


“I own that one”


Remy practically sang


Amber groaned and turned to look at her rapidly shrinking pile of money.


“You know we could always think of alternant payment plan?”


Remy said smirking


“What kind of payment did you have in mind?”


“Well instead of paying me, you could just remove an item of clothing”




Amber peeled off her sock and laid it on the floor next to them. She would be back on top in no time losing clothes instead of money was definitely the better way to play.


Remy stared down at her pile of money it has diminished rather quickly, having Amber sitting topless across from her really wasn’t doing anything to help her concentration.


She glanced at Amber again and rolled.


Amber could barely contain herself.


“New York Avenue with a hotel now that’s going to set you back”


“I have the grand total of $105 dollars”


“I’m afraid that’s not really going to cover it, but I’d be willing to settle for some other form of payment”


“And what would that be”


Amber leaned forwards and kissed Remy’s neck gently


“Take off your clothes and we can go from there”


“You know losing to you isn’t that bad”


Remy said pulling Amber into a kiss.




“Be quiet”


Amber said peering around the door


“I’m being quiet”


“Be quieter”


 Remy wrapped her arms around Amber and pulled her towards her. Remy lent closer and bit Ambers earlobe lightly


“Quiet enough?”


“Pretty good”


Amber said breathlessly


“Okay there coming”


They both peered out from the cupboards door, to see House and Foreman coming down the corridor.


Amber couldn’t hear what they were saying, but from their expressions it was pretty clear it wasn’t work related. This was going to be the easiest money she had ever made.


“Come on now”


She whispered


Foreman looked round before pulling House into a kiss


Remy groaned, she’d really thought House was with Wilson.


“Pay up”


Amber said grinning


Thirteen pulled the hundred out of her pocket


“You win”


“I always do”


Amber said and pushed her against the cupboard wall


“But I’ll make it up to you”



Thirteen could feel her legs cramping up, but at least she knew she was going to be first, there was no way Amber could beat her. She ran this route everyday and she couldn’t even remember the last time Amber had gone jogging. Turning the corner she stopped suddenly, it just wasn’t possible. Amber was sitting on a bench grinning.


“What took you so long?”


Amber asked smiling at her as she came over


“No there is no way you beat me here”


Remy said shaking her head


“It just isn’t possible”


“Anything’s possible”


“Not anything”


“Okay not anything but getting a cab here was”


“It was a race you can’t take a cab”


“You never said that, you said the first one here wins, never said how we had to get here”


Remy didn’t know if she was more amused or annoyed. Amber never played by the rules but she liked that about her. She liked everything about her.


“Is there a rule you haven’t broken?”


“The only rule it to win and I did”


“I hate you”


Remy said trying to conceal a smile


“Do you have any idea how sexy you are when your cross”


Amber whispered in her ear


“Flattery will get you no where”


“What will?”


“Accepting you punishment”




“I think a spanking would teach you not to break rules”


Remy said smirking


“What an excellent idea”


Amber slid her fingers through Remy’.


“Let’s go back to yours”


“In a cab”


“Of course”




Remy couldn’t sleep when she slept all she could see was Amber but it was the same when she was awake. She opened her eyes gradually and saw her sitting at the end of the bed. It had been to months since Amber had died and Remy was seeing her more each day, it went from just glimpses to full on conversations.


“It’s kind of funny don’t you think, I mean this is one game I should have won hands down”


Amber said smiling at her


“What game”


“This game”


Amber gestured around her


“Who lives who dies, I mean sorry baby but I always thought you’d be the first to go, what with Huntington’s and all.


Remy closed her eyes and whished for her to go away.


“Closing you eyes doesn’t make me go away”


“What do you want?”


“To congratulate you on winning”


“I didn’t win”


“Sure you did”


“What exactly did I win?”


Remy said half crying


“You got to live”



High, Voltage

Heroes Big Boom

Chapter 5

“Its Mohinder he needs your help!”


“What happened?”


“His locker was searched and they’ve found all the exam papers”


“What can I do?”

Elle didn’t want to do anything, she wanted to go home and eat her body weight in ice cream and cry about the fact that a bitchy girl managed to ruin her relationship. But it was Mohinder and she would do anything she could to help him.


“They’ve gone to get Bennet to see if they’re past papers or future ones, past ones he’s off the hook, future ones he’s looking at expulsion”.


“And of course being Mohinder they’re future ones”


“Of course”


“So what’s the plan?”


“You break into the principal’s office and replace the papers with these ones”


He held up a pile of exam papers


“Lets go”


Elle ran down the corridor to the office and then stopped.


“What’s he doing here?”


She asked Adam


“Gabriel is helping, you to just have to play nice”


“Look maybe you two should just do it without me”


“What about Mohinder?”


Elle felt guilty, she wanted to help Mohinder she just wanted to do it without having to be near Gabriel.


“Alright fine”


Gabriel couldn’t believe Adam had brought Elle along; he was perfectly capable of getting those papers out without her help.


“Okay you two go in and make the switch I’ll be look out”


Adam said smiling


“Why don’t I be look out?”


“Elle you suck at it, besides breaking and entering is your specialty”


He said all this and pushed her through the door.


“Look I don’t want to be here anymore than you do Elle so let’s just find the stuff and leave”


“Fine with me”


Elle walked over to the desk and looked through it.


“Its not here”


“Of course it is how hard can it be to find it?”


“You look then”


Gabriel went to the desk and searched.


“Okay so its not there”


Elle snorted and went to the door


“Adam its not here”


He didn’t answer so she tugged at the door handle, it didn’t open.


“Adam open the door”


“We’ll open it when you’ve worked out you issues”




Gabriel snarled.


“Do you know how much trouble we can get in for just being in here?”


“Work through your issues quickly then”


“I’m going to kill you when I get out!”


“If you get out”


Elle walked over to the window


“Elle we’re on the fourth floor, being stuck with me isn’t worse than breaking both your legs”


She gave him a look that suggested otherwise but walked back to the desk.


“We can’t hear talking”


Mohinder yelled through the door.


“I guess they’re serious about not letting us out again”


Elle said frowning.


“Guess so”


“When Mohinder actual does get caught there’s no way I’m coming to his rescue”




Gabriel stared at her for a minute she was just as beautiful as ever.


“I’m sorry”




“For everything that happened I’m so sorry”


“I thought you said you didn’t kiss her”


“I didn’t but I still let it happen”


“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you”


“Do you believe me now?”


“I heard her talking in the bathroom, I’m sorry”


 “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“I didn’t think you wanted me back”


“Of course I do, I thought you hated me; you kissed Peter”


“I only did it to make you jealous  



Gabriel walked towards her and wrapped her in his arms.


“I love you Elle”


“I love you to”




Mohinder said opening the door


Elle turned on them


“You two are so dead”


“But we helped you work through your problems”


Gabriel looked at Elle smirking




Adam saw the look and moved backwards slightly.




He yelled grabbing Mohinder as they chased after them.


Elle lay against Gabriel happily


“So Elle what are you going to wear?”




“To prom, do you have you dress yet?”

Eden asked slowly


“Oh I’m not going”


“Why not?”


“My dads at home that weekend and he has some pretty disapproving ideas about prom”


“That really sucks”


“It’s fine I didn’t really want to go anyway”


“Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to get prom king and queen”


Gabriel added.


“I have to go see Mr Rains, I’ll see you later”


Elle said kissing Gabriel.


As soon as she was out of sight he turned to Eden


“Did you get it?”


“Of course I bought it when I was getting mine”


Elle lay on her bed, so she was missing prom who cares. Okay maybe she cared slightly maybe all she had been doing for the last few weeks was imagining her and Gabriel there but it didn’t matter, she couldn’t go and that was that.


Her phone rang and she grabbed it, it was probably Gabriel, she had insisted he go without her but he refused.




“Go to the window”


Elle walked over to the window and looked out, Gabriel, Mohinder Adam and Eden where all outside on her lawn.


“What are you doing here?”


“We’re taking you to prom”  


“You told me you sneak out all the time so do it now”


“I can’t go to prom”


“Why not?”


Elle paused thinking


“I don’t have a dress”


He gestured to Eden who held up a silver dress”


“Oh my God”


Elle whispered. No one had ever done anything this nice for her before.


Gabriel smiled watching as Elle climbed out of her window and shimmed down the drainpipe. Once she reached the ground she ran up and kissed him.


“I hate to break up this tender moment but we have a prom to attend”


Adam said grinning.


Eden took Elle by the hand and they went behind the house.


Elle came out ten minutes later Eden was terribly persuasive. She hadn’t worn a dress since she was ten and didn’t intend to now. Sadly Eden had other plans.


Gabriel gasped as her saw Elle.


“You are the most stunning woman I have ever seen”


Elle blushed


“You don’t look to bad yourself”


She said gesturing at his tuxedo


“I try”


They climbed into the car holding hands.


“Adam where’s your date?”


“Why would I bother bringing a date, I’m just going to get off with everyone else’s”


Mohinder draped his arm around Eden protectively.


“Oh present company excluded of course”


Elle walked into the hall and smiled, it looked amazing.


“It actually looks quite nice”


“You look better”


Gabriel whispered in her ears.


Elle rolled her eyes but squeezed his hand tighter.


“Let’s dance”


It was, Elle thought, without a doubt the best night of her life, her and Gabriel had been dancing half the night. She was sure that she would never love anyone as much as she loved him.


She waved to Adam as he made his way through the crowd arms around two girls.


“Where are their dates?”


“Who Cares?”


He yelled back.


She heard him murmuring about a broom closet as he headed of with them.


“Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention please at we announce prom king and prom queen”


Mohinder gave them a thumbs up from across the room, Gabriel grinned even he was surprised that they’d been nominated.




“So much so”


Elle said sarcastically


“And this year’s prom king and queen are Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet”

Gabriel wrapped his arms around her


“Are you disappointed?”


“Why would I be disappointed, I have you, I actually got to go to prom, my senior year has been the best year of my life, and we have the rest of our lives. I think we can let them have high school”


Gabriel kissed her neck


“Besides I’m the only reason they’re together anyway”

 Elle smiled remembering ,her trying to let Peter down gently involved mentioning that she felt he would be better of with Claire.

“Come on Cupid lets gets out of here”


Gabriel smiled as he unlocked his door, his life was perfect. He took Elle’s hand and led her up the stairs.


“Thank you”


Elle said


“For what?”




Elle walked into his room, smirked and slid off her dress.


“Elle are you sure?”


“I’ve never been more sure of anything”


He unbuttoned his shirt quickly and slipped it onto the floor; Elle reached for his trousers, she undid them slowly and pulled them down.


He climbed onto the bed pulling her on with him. He kissed gently along her collar bone.


“You are the most amazing person I have ever met”


Elle pulled back slightly


“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to”


He said concerned


“No I do, its just I’ve never done this before”


“Me neither”


Elle smiled and leant over him


“I love every part of you”


She traced her fingers along he chest planting light kisses along it. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him.

Elle kissed him again hungrily. He ran his fingers gently along her legs parting them gently. Elle moaned in encouragement and slid her legs further open.

“Is it okay?”


He asked nervously


“Its perfect”


Elle reached for his boxers and pulled them down.


She could feel him harding underneath her, and pushed herself up.


Gabriel held onto her waist as he slipped into her smoothly, his breath hitched slightly, as he slid in.

 Elle closed her eyes and moaned , she couldn’t describe it, and there was a wave of pleasure coursing through her.


Gabriel pushed into her gently; she looked like an angel shining in the moonlight.


Elle came shuddering softly; Gabriel whispered her name as he collapsed beside her.


Elle leaned against the pillows as Gabriel pulled her into his arms, kissing her head.


“Do you think we’ll last?”


She asked nervously




Gabriel whispered in her ear


“I promise”



Elle heard her name being called and walked across the stage where Mr Linderman presented her with her diploma. She never would have thought a year ago that she’d be here and have everything she wanted.


Gabriel whistled at her and she waved her diploma at him. Running off the stage she jumped into his arms, and buried her head in his neck.


Mohinder grabbed her around the waist and pulled them into a hug.


“Here it comes”


Adam said nudging Gabriel.


“As the graduating seniors prepare for the future”


They heard Mr Linderman say, and threw their hats into the air


“To the future”


Gabriel could hear Mohinder shouting and pulled him into a hug.


“High schools over”


He said laughing


“I know even for Adam”


Adam rolled his eyes


“ you repeat one year and no one ever forgets it”


“Come on”


Elle said


“Let’s go and never come back”


“What these weren’t the best days of your life”


Mohinder asked smirking


Elle looked at Gabriel and grinned


“Maybe some of them”